“Tom Serres is one of silicon valley’s best”

Eric Ries - Author of “The Lean Startup” and Founder of IMVU


“Rally is an important force in the world of crowd-funding, especially for causes and campaigns. Tom’s been a significant leader, operator, and change-maker in the world of crowd-funding.”

Reid Hoffman - Founder of Linkedin, Partner Greylock Capital


“Tom Serres is a leading pioneer bringing innovation and technology to the new cause economy, which is going to be the next big thing in philanthropic evolution.”

Mark McKinnon - Senior Media Strategist McCain 08 and Bush 04


“Tom is one the real visionaries in mission driven technology today. He has been at the highest levels of politics and leveraged that experience to start changing the who concept of social business. He and Rally are helping companies do good while doing well in the 21st century. Tom is also one of the most interesting and also humble people I know.”

Andrew Bleeker - Senior Digital Media Strategist Obama 08 & 04


“If you want to be inspired, to understand what it takes to have true passion and beat impossible odds, you will take the opportunity to listen to Tom Serres and learn from him.   He speaks honestly, straight from the heart, and has had his share of phenomenal successes and setbacks along the way.  He has the wisdom to frame that into business and life lessons for young and old entrepreneurs alike.”

Karen Richardson - Board of Directors British Telecom, Board of Directors San Francisco Opera, Board of Directors Exponent

“Tom is a visionary entrepreneur with a social purpose. Tom is the unique businessman who is motivated to do well by doing good. Tom knows that successful businesses in the 21st century must have a conscience and he has built a company to empower this emerging cause economy.”

Michael and Xochi Birch - Entrepreneurs, Founders of Bebo, and Founders of Battery Club SF

“Tom is not only a visionary for the cause economy but as an entrepreneur is manifesting this vision in the market at scale.”

John Occhipinti - Partner Relay Ventures

“Tom is an inspiring entrepreneur and speaker. He has built a sophisticated yet easy to use online platform that is used by politicians, non-profits, and individuals alike. Tom is an expert in online fundraising, he instinctually understands people’s motivation and desire to donate.”

George P. Bush - Texas Land Commissioner